About Us

We build  relationships to help empower today's generation to move forward. We help them overcome doubt through mentorship support. We create friendships through hands-on engagement and exposer through community service. Meeting the local  community through servicing and communication helps build long lasting relationships for all. We connect with those who find themselves stuck "between” high school and post graduate years of their lives. During this transitional stage, we continue to serve as mentors to assist students with career planning and successfully transitioning to college and/or a vocational trade. Whatever their choice, they are not left alone to make those important decisions on their own. We have learned families/ parents are also in need of the similar support. Therefore, we have workshops to help equip and empower families through self-development and motivational workshops.
Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


To foster the educational, vocational, and personal strengths of adolescents and young adults. Also, inspire and equip families with educational and personal motivational workshops. To enhance all families to a better tomorrow.



To increase high school graduation rate of low-income students and  increase numbers of these individuals to attend college or other supportive secondary schooling. To pay it forward with comprehensible and skilled workshops to encourage families to continue to move forward in life.



  • Our Scholars Come First

  • Empower, Education and Effective Training

  • Excellence in Program Development

  • Respect, Commitment and Equality

  • Integrity from all Members

  • Personal & Social Responsibility

  • Community Engagement

  • Integrity from all of its Members

  • Social Responsibility

  • Financial Responsibility

  • Valuing Families

Our Purpose
Who We Serve

We are a nonprofit organization which seeks to reduce the dropout rate of low-income high-school students, while helping to provide educational resources to youth and youth ages 17-22, who are currently enrolled in high school, engaged in post-secondary education or have dropped out of school.  In order to qualify for EduGroup services, young adults must fall within 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.as it relates career planning, personal and professional goal setting and service-learning opportunities domestically and internationally.

Many minority students graduate high school unprepared for the real world, lacking financial support, resources, direction and skills to move from secondary education into careers or institutions of higher learning. We have also included families, parents who seek support in moving forward in life with empowerment and hands on workshops.


EduGroup seeks to address these problems by impacting the relationship between education and socioeconomic position through educational and charitable activities that promote achievement and provide enriching experiences that would otherwise be financially prohibitive for minority students and families.






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